Ceramics, Pottery & Bakeware

Artful Ruins has a nice array of hand-made ceramics and pottery.  Please have a look below to find that one-of-a-kind item just for you!

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De Silva Terre d’Umbra, Made in Italy.


De Silva Terre d’Umbria bakeware, made in Italy, is ideal for all types of slow cooking food in all traditional & microwave ovens or on a low flame.  Terracotta encourages an exchange of flavor, enhances aroma and imparts a special taste to all food.  By distributing heat in a uniform and gradual way over the whole surface, terracotta retains the basic nutritional elements of food, avoiding the transformation of far into substances harmful to health and also keeping it hotter for longer!”

De Silva Terre d'Umbria bakeware

1. De Silva Terre d’Umbria bakeware,  Approximately 2.5 ounce, 27″ Neck, 3.25″ Deep, with Lid  $42  ~ SOLD

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2. De Silva Terre d’Umbria bakeware, Approximately 5 ounce capacity, 27″ Neck 4.5″ Deep, with Lid $68 (1 piece available in beautiful striated green)  

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NOTE:  Shipping charges and CA sales tax will be added to final price.



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