Himalayan Salt & Herb Bath Blends

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Himalayan Salt & Herb Bath Blends

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Himalayan salts are also known as “White Gold”, and are used in bath and beauty products, recipes, and more. Himalayan salts also go by the name “King’s Salt”; hundreds of years ago, Himalayan salts were served only to royalty. 

Himalayan salts are known to cleanse and detoxify the skin, leaving it smoother, softer, and cleaner than ever before. When you add pure, unprocessed Himalayan salt to your bath, you will believe you are soaking in the ancient waters of the Himalayas – without even leaving your home! The numerous minerals and nutrients found in Himalayan salts are released as they are mixed with warm water, and this solution is often referred to as “sole” or “brine water”. People have enjoyed the benefits of brine baths for thousands of years, and Himalayan salts are among the best salts to use for this type of bathing.

Himalayan salts are also known for their healing properties. Himalayan salts are an effective treatment for common skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis, and acne. Himalayan salts can also be used to soothe insect bites, heal blisters, and even treat ailments that affect our joints, such as arthritis. If you suffer from premenstrual symptoms, a nice warm bath with Himalayan salts will calm your cramps and relieve the pressure and bloating associated with excess water retention. And if you have a difficult time getting to sleep, bathing with Himalayan salts can reduce stress and promote a better night’s sleep. Himalayan salt is a perfect addition to any bath!

When bathing with Himalayan salt, don’t be shy about how much you use – the higher the concentration of Himalayan salt in the water, the more beneficial your bath will be. Maximize your bathing experience by staying in the tub for about 30 minutes, adding warm water as the water cools. When you are done bathing, don’t rinse off in the shower – go straight from the tub to the towel. Take a decadent bath with Himalayan salt before bedtime for a better night’s sleep, and softer, smoother skin when you wake up in the morning. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. Mortar & Pestle Natural Himalayan Salt & Rose Petal Bath Blend   $6.00 each
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Rose Petal Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Rose Petal Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com


  1. Mortar & Pestle Natural Himalayan Salt & Citrus Bath Blend   $6.00 each
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Citrus Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Citrus Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com


  1. Mortar & Pestle Natural Himalayan Salt & Lavender Bath Blend   $6.00 each
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Lavender Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Lavender Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com


  1. Mortar & Pestle Natural Himalayan Salt & Mint Bath Blend   $6.00 each
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Mint Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com
Mortar & Pestle Himalayan Salt & Mint and Mountain Herb Bath Blends. www.artfulruins.com


Thank you for your patronage and support.  You can enjoy your Mortar & Pestle products knowing that we will use only the best natural sourcing we can find, we use organic ingredients wherever available and all Mortar & Pestle products are free of toxins & parabens, non-GMO, and absolutely cruelty free. 

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If you have allergies or preferences, it is our pleasure to craft a product tailored to suit your needs or desires. Please let us know what we can do for you.

Since all Skin products are natural, variations in color & texture can occur.

– Beeswax
Products made with Beeswax can sometimes contain minute tan, brown or black particles or specks. This is common with natural beeswax that has not been commercially processed and in no way effects the integrity of the product.

– Shea Butter
Products made with Shea Butter may sometimes become a bit grainy with temperature fluctuations. The tiny granules are soft and will melt into your skin – they do not change the beneficial properties of the product.

– Jojoba, Rosehip Oil and some Essential Oils
Products containing Jojoba, Tamanu and some Essential Oils may occasionally be cloudy and / or contain particles or sediment. This in no way effects the integrity of the product, and is completely natural.

All  products are for external use only and contact with eyes should always be avoided.

As all oil based products have the potential to stain clothing, please apply sparingly and allow to be absorbed into skin before dressing.

Citrus oils such as Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon*, Neroli, Orange*, etc., can be photosensitive and should not be worn before going in the direct sun.

If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, have diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease or have other health concerns, please consult with your health care provider prior to purchase or use.

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