Happy Eyes & Skin

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HAPPY EYES!  Organic Coffee Bean infused Natural Eye Creme.   An organic handmade coffee bean oil infused Eye Creme.  With all natural ingredients, this smooth silky eye cream feels great when applied and makes the skin around the eyes so happy, you may even swear that your skin is doing a happy dance!! Happy customers claim that with regular use you may see reduced puffiness, lightening of dark circles and fine lines.  Made in small batches to insure freshness.  .33oz $14 

Eye Cream, Coffee Infused Mango and Shea Butter   Eye Cream, Coffee Infused Mango and Shea Butter

Organic Coffee Bean infused Mango & Shea Butter Eye Creme, for dry skin. $14  


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HAPPY SKIN! Organic Herb and Essential Oil infused Natural Salve.  Silky smooth & sublime oil salve formulated gentle enough for the face and body.  Personal favorite of ours.   2oz tin $18  


Organic Herb infused Oil Natural Salve, for dry skin. $18