Sea Kelp Ocean Breeze Natural Bar Soap

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Sea Kelp Ocean Breeze The amazing handmade natural bar soap is one of our most popular!  It’s loaded with wild mountain herbs, salt-raised Organic Hawaiian Spirulina, French Green Clay, and organic and natural oils with a spa-fresh scent that will leave you feeling fresh and clean, happy and ready for the day.  It rinses clean and quick without leaving a slimy residue behind leaving your skin soft and healthy.  NON GMO, Sulfate & Paraben Free, Vegan, Cruelty free, Always!

Approximately 6oz Artisan Style Bar Soap  $6.99 each


This product also comes in a Bath & Shower gel as well as an Everyday Lotion.

Sea Kelp Ocean Breeze Bath & Shower Gel 6oz bottle  $8

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Sea Kelp Ocean Breeze Everyday Hand & Body Lotion 4oz bottle  $10